Low Impact Movement.


The low impact movement has come about recently, involving many people from all walks of life, to better their environmental impact. Participants are trying to reduce their waste (garbage and recyclables), opt for public transportation, biking, walking etc. all in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

I have been a part of this movement since January 2017, and would love to encourage others to adopt this lifestyle!


Refuse what you do not need

Single use items such as plastic packaging, plastic bags, straws, paper napkins, free giveaway items that you don’t actually need


Reduce what you buy and use

Getting rid of things you do not use, clothes you do not wear

Being aware of your spending habits and try to live more minimally

Reduce the amount you use your car and opt for walking or biking instead


Reuse & Repair

Opt for reusable items rather than disposable (bottles, towels, razors, bags, tea strainers etc.)

Reuse your vegetable scraps into making vegetable broth

Sew buttons on a shirt, repair rips in clothing – learn new skills!

Opt for second-hand items rather than new



Notice how this one is not at the top of the list? Believe it or not, recycling, while a better alternative to landfills, still requires a lot of energy and money to process these items, so it’s better to not have to dispose of them in the first place!

If there are things you have to buy that you can’t get unpackaged (due to allergies, or just lack of options), get items that are packaged in paper, cloth, or plastic ONLY if you know it is recyclable in your area.


Rot the rest

Compost whatever you can!

Find out about worm composting and see if this is a viable option for you

Add vegetable scraps and egg shells to your garden to add nutrients to the soil

This lifestyle is not about being perfect, but rather doing the best that you can in your own circumstances to reduce the amount of things going to the landfill (often that are perfectly usable!)

If you feel inspired and inclined to do more for our beautiful planet, please get in touch with me!