Simple Living.


Simple Living is all in the name. Simplifying your life so that it is easier to keep track of your schedule, your possessions and what your priorities are. Simple Living and Minimalism are cut from the same cloth, but I find that Minimalism is a term that intimidates people because it brings about images of stark white walls and barren living quarters like an asylum.

In regards to your schedule, Simple Living means that you think deeply about what you truly love to do (whether work, volunteering, or social aspects of your life) and only put your efforts into what is important to you. If you hate your job, you should consider moving on to a different career! Your happiness and well-being are more important than how much you make or what everyone expects you to do. There’s the old saying “do what you love and the money will follow” – this can be true in many ways! If you are putting your ALL into something you love, you are more likely to get more back from it.

Simple Living in regards to your possessions means that you go through each item you own and evaluate what it means to you: does it have a useful purpose or bring beauty to your life? Anything that does not fit into these categories should not be given more thought or energy than it deserves, and should instead be “simplified” – whether sold, donated or as the last resort, tossed.

Simplifying your life can be intimidating! We put so much pressure on possessions and what they mean to us, but when you really think about it – do you own your possessions or do they “own” you? I am here to help you figure that out!