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Adeilah Dahlke , Owner of  Jigsaw Organizing Solutions

Adeilah Dahlke, Owner of Jigsaw Organizing Solutions

Hello! My name is Adeilah Dahlke and I am a Trained Professional Organizer with a lifelong passion for helping find solutions for everyday struggles with organizing, and I try to do so in the most eco-friendly way possible.

I am proficient in downsizing and helping you free yourself of items that have been holding you back, as well as with preparing you to move (whether to a larger or smaller space) and organizing tight spaces such as a closet or pantry. 

What really sets me apart from other organizers is that my main goal is to get you organized and declutter your possessions, not to give you a picture perfect space that can be hard to maintain. I try to simplify your life without adding more items - as we can usually find a way to keep things tidy without new organizing supplies, or by using things you already have! 

I also try to dispose of your items in the most sustainable way possible: either by selling, consigning, donating, upcycling or giving away for free to people who want/need items.

If you are needing some help to declutter and organize, but want to do so in the most sustainable way possible, then I am the best organizer for you! 


The Beginning

I have always loved organizing. In high school I would colour-code my notes and agenda to make my academics more efficient. I always kept my room tidy and would even organize my friends’ rooms when I was visiting with them.

But I never knew I could make a career out of it! I stumbled across Professional Organizers in Canada after I had graduated Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature. I was at a point where I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but I was packing up my house to move at the time, and that’s what really got the ball rolling!

“I started living a more sustainable personal life, and wanted my business to encompass those values as well. ”

— Adeilah dahlke, founder


How Jigsaw Evolved

Jigsaw Organizing Solutions was not always the way it is today. I started my business just wanting to be an organizer, not really knowing where my business would lead. I focused on making people’s homes look pretty with brand new bins, labels on everything - like what a lot of organizers do - what is expected of you to make something look “organized”.

I started living a more sustainable personal life, and wanted my business to encompass those values as well. I now encourage my clients to live more minimally and in a sustainable way. Whether it is reusing what they already have to get organized, or just re-thinking their shopping methods, there are so many ways that I can help someone bring together organization and sustainable living!

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