Whether you are having trouble managing your time, your things or your space, I can help!

What my hourly rate gets you:

  • Someone to help you with the physical aspects of the job (heavy lifting, moving items around, putting together closet systems or shelving, if applicable)

  • Packing, labelling if needed

  • Someone to take away your unwanted items, to the most appropriate place, so you don’t have to put research and time into it

  • Recommendations on how best to organize things, customized to YOUR needs! Everyone is unique, so every organizational system should be as well

  • Someone to assist that is non-judgemental. This is YOUR process, and I am only here to help you realize what you love and value, and how to best organize it

  • A coach to cheer you on throughout the whole process!




When moving to a new location, there will be different sized rooms, closets and cupboards.

I can show you how to re-assign new places to organize your things, assist in downsizing if you are moving to a smaller home, as well as assist in packing and unpacking




In order to be able to find everything you need when you need it, your shelving needs to be functional and orderly.

Your cupboards and shelves may look organized, but are they functioning the best way that they could be? Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to design the most efficient use of space, based on YOUR needs.



Home Office

Tax forms, bank information, receipts, warranties etc. They all need to be organized to make them easy to find and use. For a small business to be taken seriously, you need to be organized - and paperwork is a large part of that.


Donation Removal

I take items to be recycled and donated in the most eco-friendly way. If you have specific places that you want items to be donated, I will do my best to accommodate!

I can also try and consign or sell items for you, at a 50% commission of what it sells for.



I will be there through the entire process to make sure you are satisfied and are staying on the right track for your organizing needs. I encourage that my clients be present during the process to ensure the best results.

I also follow-up with my clients at a time that works for them - a week later, a month later or even a year later. Doing a check-in can help clients maintain their space, but also lets them know that someone will always be there to help.