Professional Organizers in Canada.

POC is the first Canadian incorporated association of professional organizers. First conceived in 1999 as an informal gathering of organizing consultants, its membership has grown steadily and its mandate is simple:

“To provide a supportive environment for Professional Organizers, promote networking, share ideas, encourage referrals and increase awareness of the field of professional organizing in Canada.”

What does a Professional Organizer Give you?

1. An impartial party to work with – Often having friends or family members help you can have the opposite effect of what you want. They may either be too harsh or too opinionated about what you “need” to keep or get rid of, and this can hinder your ability to make progress. It is also hard to work by yourself, especially on a bigger project, because you can get side-tracked and unmotivated and it may take much longer to accomplish what you need to. 

2. A coach to cheer you on – Organizers have seen it all! And we are a great empathetic support system. No judgement, no pressure – your goals are all that we care about and we will do what we can to help you throughout the entire process.

3. Expert opinion – We keep up in organizing trends, new and brilliant organizing supplies, and any outside resources that may be helpful to your situation. Whether you need an attractive but functional way to store your jewellery, or whether you have a basement that may have some mould where you’ve stored cardboard boxes over the years – we can help! We also have a network of other Organizers that we can call if the project requires extra assistance or expertise!  

4. Ethics – Whatever is discussed or found during the organizing process is strictly confidential, and information or photos will only be released with client permission.

A professional organizer supports and empowers clients through the creative and ethical application of organizing systems and processes, and the transfer of organizing skills, to develop appropriate and lasting solutions for their individual needs. Services vary widely, depending on the area or range of specialization. 

For more information, please go to www.organizersincanada.com